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From January 25 to February 8, students from the course "Outsourcing Project and Company Management" had the opportunity to participate in a series of workshops aimed at giving them guidelines for successful career development in today's business environment.

Topics discussed included:

  • factors for a successful career;
  • defining and communicating a personal brand;
  • preparation for a job interview;
  • behavior during the interview itself.

The workshops were organized by Dr. Hristina Stoyanova, who leads the course "Management of outsourcing projects and companies". Dr. Stoyanova is an Operation Manager at HP Inc and has more than 10 years of business experience. "In today's business, successful career development depends not only on acquired knowledge, skills and experience,but also on other factors, such as a strong personal brand and its proper communication, including during a job interview", she said.


David Montfort, who has many years of experience as a manager at HP Inc., also took part in the workshop dedicated to preparing for a job interview. He presented to the students what he values ​​highly in the job candidates and gave them guidelines for behavior during the interview.

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Ivanka Gashurova, student in the course "Management of autoresponding projects and companies" said that the workshops were extremely useful and topical. "I had not heard of the concept of personal brand before the lecture and I was extremely interested to learn how to develop and maintain. The guidelines on how to prepare for an interview, what expectations to go with and what questions to ask are very good in practice and relevant for every area of ​​business, no matter what position we apply for and in which industry", she said.

The course "Management of outsourcing projects and companies" is part of the master's program "Outsourcing projects and companies" at the Faculty of Economics and Business Administration. It can be enrolled by anyone with a bachelor's or master's degree and as a postgraduate course. It consists of two parts, which are held respectively during the winter and summer semesters of the academic year.