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The schedule of the courses for the Bachelor’s and Master’s programs for the summer semester of the 2023/2024 academic year is available at the following link: feba.edupage.org/timetable.

The system displays the real-time schedule for each Bachelor and Master program, divided into weekly and daily segments of the semester, and provides the following information:

  • Schedule for each program – divided by program, year, and group;
  • Professors Schedule - which courses the tutor is teaching and where;
  • Schedule of each hall - for better management of one-time events (after booking). Using halls outside the announced schedule is allowed at the discretion of the Dean's Office after sending a request to Ivanna Korencheva (email: ikorencheva@feb.uni-sofia.bg).


  • The schedule is divided into weeks and you should select the appropriate week to see the actual classes.
  • Facultative (optional) courses are not included in the schedule. For more information about them, please contact the Master’s program administrator.
  • Possible changes to the schedule of the courses for the summer semester will be promptly updated on the above link.