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On December 15, students from the Master's program "Responsible and Sustainable Governance" visited the "Sofia Med" enterprise, part of "ElvalHalcor", Greece, "Viohalco" holding.

The Masters were welcomed by the CEO and representatives of the company's ESG team. Desislava Ignatova, Manager “Sustainability and Personal Data Protection", and Vasil Harizanov, "Environment" Manager, presented the company's sustainability policies and activities.

Screenshot 2024-01-02 163911

In the second part of the visit, the students learned more about the process of manufacturing rolled and pressed products from copper and copper alloys, which are widely used in many industries.

Screenshot 2024-01-02 163942

At the end of the visit, Assoc. Prof. Marina Stefanova, Head of the master's program, thanked the company's ESG team for the warm welcome and added that "there is nothing more valuable in the learning process than working in the field and getting to know company policies and practices in a real environment. This exchange is beneficial for both parties because it provides objective feedback and suggestions for improving sustainability activities to the host company".

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