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As part of her studies in the Master's program "Energy Markets and Services," student Verginia Ivanova had the opportunity to participate in a training course on "Design of Electricity Markets" organized on January 22-23, 2024, by DIW Berlin in Berlin, Germany. The course was conducted by Professor Lion Hirt, a leading economist and expert in the field of energy policy and structure of energy markets, and the author of some of the most cited publications in Europe on these topics.


The course aimed to provide participants with in-depth knowledge in the area of liberalized electricity markets, particularly in Europe. Various approaches and concepts for building stable and efficient electricity markets, as well as trends in electricity trading (sometimes exploiting weaknesses in the design of electricity markets), were discussed.

Verginia Ivanova was accompanied by Chief Assist. Prof. Dr. Mariya Trifonova, a lecturer in the Master's program "Energy Markets and Services" with research interests and contributions in the areas of market integration and social acceptance of renewable energy sources.