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Within the framework of the INNOAIR project – “Innovative public transport, meeting consumer demand, for cleaner air in an urban environment” – under which the Faculty of Economics and Business Administration of Sofia University “St. Kliment Ohridski” is a partner, has developed and made available for wide distribution a Digital guide for the implementation of “green corridors” in other cities, for re-use and acquisition of knowledge such as sharing of best practices in accordance with the guidelines of the strategic documents for sustainable urban mobility and the requirements of the European Commission regarding air quality.


The guide presents step-by-step actions, expected results, marketing tips for citizen adoption as a complement to overall cultural and behavioral change.


The guide outlines and describes the following key elements:

  • the principles for regularly reducing traffic and improving eco-mobility in green corridor areas;
  • the ways in which the concentration of air pollutants related to car traffic will be reduced;
  • the possibilities and guidelines for the development of green corridors in Sofia;
  • the reduction and limitation of harmful emissions in the city in accordance with the “Vision for Sofia”;
  • the provision of an additional instrument for the fulfillment of EC requirements regarding air quality;
  • informing and initiating changes in the behavior of citizens;
  • stimulating the development of environmentally friendly forms of transport – electric, bicycle and pedestrian;
  • development of policies to direct citizens and the administration to use more environmentally efficient forms of transport;
  • use in the implementation of green corridors in other cities as well.