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This academic year, experts from PwC taught in the master's program "Accounting and Audit" (accredited by ACCA) at the Faculty of Economics and Business Administration of Sofia University.

Savin Dyankov, Director, Vasilena Vasileva, Senior Consultant, and Maria Denisieva, Consultant, led part of the lectures in one of the mandatory disciplines in the program related to sustainable reporting and integrated reports. PwC experts shared valuable knowledge, useful examples, and real case studies from their work with clients from the Bulgarian and international markets.

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The last lecture, led by PwC's ESG team, took place at the company's office. In addition to theoretical knowledge, students received practical guidance on sustainability reporting, including:

  • how information is collected for this type of reporting
  • what is the methodology for creating integrated reports
  • what are the role and importance of the responsible persons in the various processes
  • what the audit process involves

The lecture ended with an interactive game. With the help of PwC faculty, students learned which ESG issues are most relevant to different types of companies and proposed effective strategies and sustainable practices through which businesses can create value and contribute to society.


We thank PwC Bulgaria for the useful cooperation and shared knowledge and all students for their interest and active participation!