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AmCham Bulgaria, Faculty of Economics and Business Administration (FEBA), Sofia University and Technical University Sofia (TU-Sofia) launched the AmCham Hackathon 2024. The event occurred at the Centre of Excellence of the Technical University and attracted almost 100 students. It was attended by Prof. Ivan Kralov, Rector, TU-Sofia, Assoc. Prof. Todor Yalamov, Vice-Dean, FEBA, Sofia University, and Ivan Mihaylov, CEO, AmCham Bulgaria. Among the guests of the event were the Deans of most of the faculties of TU-Sofia, as well as the leaders and mentors from the companies-organizers of the event. The host of the ceremony was Assoc. Prof. Dr. Agata Manolova. The Faculty of Economics and Business Administration is set to host the final awards ceremony for the student teams at the end of the month.

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“The partnership of FEBA, Sofia University, with AmCham Bulgaria dates back to 2021 when we organized the Human Resources Education Program. It should be extremely clear to everyone that the most valuable asset of any organization is precisely – human capital. Without it – they are lost. That’s why I encourage you to build relationships with each other, to build relationships that you can develop after this hackathon. Because they will be among your most valuable capital in your realization in the field of business” – with these words addressed to the students Assoc. Prof. Dr. Todor Yalamov, Vice-Dean of the Faculty of Economics and Business Administration of Sofia University.

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“We are happy that TU-Sofia is a partner of the initiative and I am glad that there is such great interest from our students. Our university is among the leaders in terms of partnership with business. Education should develop creative thinking and build communities. Such a community will unite you and make you give your best during your learning. I believe that it is through education that the highest goals are achieved, among which is the good of nations and peace among them”. Prof. Ivan Kralov told the audience of students and lecturers.

“I am extremely happy to return to the auditorium of the Technical University of which I am a graduate. I am even more excited about the fact that the other partner in this initiative is Sofia University, where I furthered my education as well. The AmCham Hackathon itself makes me proud of the fact that it is the result of an idea that came from our members in the Human Capital and Education Committee and is done in partnership with these two universities. Let the next three weeks be filled with new knowledge, good results, friendships, and still – fun for all of you” – welcomed the students Ivan Mihaylov, CEO, AmCham Bulgaria.

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About the AmCham Hackathon 2024

The initiative has several objectives:

  • Contribution of the business association through the expertise of its members to the convergence between the knowledge acquired in the universities with the practicalities and needs of the business;
  • Involvement of students in solving specific business cases;
  • Showcasing best practices of established companies operating in Bulgaria;
  • Retention of students in the country and the opportunity for subsequent engagement with the programs of the universities, as well as the opportunity to find professional development in the participating companies.

The project was initiated, conceptualized, and organized by AmCham Bulgaria member companies, which for years have been among the most active in the Human Capital and Education Committee taking a leading role: IBM Bulgaria, Kamenitsa AD, HR Consulting Partners, Adecco Bulgaria, JobTiger, Moto-Pfohe, Coca-Cola Europacific Partners.

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The target group of the Hackathon are students from the 3rd and 4th year and master programs at the TU-Sofia and FEBA, Sofia University.

For TU-Sofia the focus is on students studying Engineering, Software Engineering, Telecommunications, Artificial Intelligence, Cybersecurity, Computer Science, Data Processing, Automotive Electronics, Green Energy, and RES. FEBA targets students in the undergraduate programs in Economics and Finance, Accounting, Finance and Digital Applications, Business Management/Business Administration, and graduate programs in Economics and Finance, Digital Marketing, Management and Entrepreneurship, Artificial Intelligence for Business and Finance, Gamification, the AMBA-accredited MBA program and other graduate programs.

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