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bTV News reported that the new initiative’s aim is that Bulgarian students choose to pursue careers in our country, not abroad. The research shows that most of the young people see their future in Bulgaria. 39% of them want to study and work at the same time. Education abroad may offer a better training but in our country there are many more career opportunities.

“People who decide to study in Bulgaria have a much broader starting point from where they can take off in different directions - financed by European funds, with the support of Bulgarian scholarships - than if one goes abroad, to Western Europe, and is forced to work in order to make a living and at the same time to study” said Assoc. Prof. Teodor Sedlarski.


Teodor Syarov and Iliya Dechkov are third-year students at the Faculty of Economics and Business Administration of Alma Mater. With the help of engineers from the Technical University they managed to successfully bring to reality their idea of a ring, which manages computers remotely. “This is a very good thing about Bulgaria and especially Sofia, because we have different universities with people with different professional skills and when we collaborate we end up with really good results” said Iliya Dechkov.


“I spent some time in America, I saw some interesting opportunities there, but that culture, that way of life made the experience so much different from how I feel things here, where I can speak Bulgarian and feel I’m home.” Said Teodor Syarov.


On the site of “Your Future is Here” initiative every young person can find information about different educational and career programs. Young people want a good salary, opportunities for growth and free time. Employers are now ready to give them all these things.


The report of the Bulgarian National Radio shows that, according to a survey by Marketlink agency, 87 per cent of the young people in Bulgaria, aged 17 to 35, see their future in Bulgaria. The research is part of a project of Sofia University "St. Kliment Ohridski "called" Your future is here. Success is in Bulgaria ".


The aim of the initiative is that the talented young Bulgarians stay and work in Bulgaria rather than abroad.


The campaign will include a number of events, lectures, and workshops with representatives of the business. They will join the students and together they will deal with real business cases, share their personal experiences with young people and help them in choosing a career or further education.


Students will have the opportunity to acquire work experience, which means that businesses will open doors to proactive young people. This will enrich the curriculum of the future specialists and will give them real insight into the opportunities awaiting them in the business world.

Source: TV Alma Mater