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Department of Spanish and Portuguese Studies



Prof. Milena Rone, PhD


Syntax of the Simple Sentence; Syntax of the Compound Sentence; Pragmatics; Joke Pragmatics; MA courses: Semiotic Systems and Pragmatics.

Prof. Peter Mollov, PhD


Spanish Literature from 11th to 17th Century; Baroque Poetry; Translation of Texts in the Field of Politics and Economy; Practical Spanish.

Assoc. Prof. Tatyana Panteva, PhD


Spanish Literature of the 18th–20th Century; Modern Spanish Prose; Literature and Society; Literature and performance in Spain; Translation of scientific and journalistic texts; Translation of form Spanish into Bulgarian; Films and Drama Translation.

Assoc. Prof. Adriana Mitkova, PhD


Practical Spanish Grammar; Sociolinguistics; The Influence of Gender in the Process of Communication; Linguistic Variation and Translation; MA courses: Theoretical and Scientific Requirements for the Master Thesis; Sociolinguistic Dimensions of Communication; Text Editing and Proofreading; Referential and Informational Text Translation.

Assoc. Prof. Donka Mangacheva, PhD


Syntax; Stylistics; Pragmatics; Theory of Translation and Interlinguistic Transformations; MA courses: Pragmatics and Discourse; Linguo-Stylistic Text Analysis; Dialogic Discourse; Contrastive Analysis and Translation Commentary; Business Communicaton; Discourse Analysis; Stylistics and Applied Linguistics; Morphosyntax.

Asst. Prof. Boryana Kyuchukova, PhD


Practical Spanish Grammar; Lexicology; Phraseology; Lexicology, Phraseology and Translation; MA courses:

Academic Writing Workshop; Ethno-Cultural Aspects of Phraseology; News Translation and Summary.

Asst. Prof. Lilyana Tabakova, PhD


Spanish-American Literature 16th–20th Century; Testimonial Literature in Latin America; A Fictional Narrative in Rio de La Plata; Mario Vargas Llosa: Opera Omnia; Translation of Art Prose from Bulgarian to Spanish; MA courses: Transatlantic Motifs in Latin American Literature; Race, Ethnicity and Nationalism in the Americas.

Asst. Prof. Krasimir Tasev, PhD


Practical Spanish; Pre-Columbian Cultures; Editing and correcting translated texts.

Asst. Prof. Nikola Krastev, PhD


Practical Spanish; Medical Translation; Technical Translation; MA courses: Morphosyntax; Contemporary Linguistics Schools and Trends; Genesis, Structure and Functions of Grammatical Categories; Linguistic Typology; Origin and Evolution of Language; Linguistic Archaeology; Practicum (in fiction and specialised texts translation and business communication); Computer-Assisted Translation; Typography and Text Processing

Asst. Prof. Milena Marinkova, PhD


Modern Spanish Phonetics and Phonology; Dialectology; Diachronic Spanish Phonetics; Practical Spanish; Translation and Documentation; Interpreting; MA courses: Oral Communication and its Discourse (Electronic Media Language).

Asst. Prof. Teodora Tsankova, PhD


Practical Spanish; Introduction to Western European modernism; Translation of Poetry; Lexical Analysis of Texts.

Asst. Prof. Vera Kirkova, PhD


Civilization of Portugal; Introduction to the History of the Portuguese language; Diachronic Linguistics of the Portuguese language; The Art in Portugal; Translation and Editing of fictional texts; The Iberian Peninsula: Art and Key Ethnographic Aspects; Galicia: Cultural History and Language; MA courses: Linguoculturology; Practicum (in fiction and specialised texts translation and business communication); Problems of Translation Theory and Practice.