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Purpose, educational objectives


The Master’s Programme Advanced Educational Technologies is aimed at acquiring a thorough knowledge of the educational process and current trends in the teaching practice when working with students.


The main priorities of the programme are: improving the quality of education of pedagogical staff for secondary schools and vocational schools; support for their career development in terms of the need for qualitative changes in secondary education (in curriculum, technology, educational process, the role of teachers, funding, etc.); development of competencies that support the scientific organization of pedagogical interactions in school according to the best Bulgarian educational tradition and modern European standards.




Training (knowledge and skills necessary for successful professional activity, general theoretical and specialized training, etc.)


The training in this programme is based on mastery of teaching and in particular methodological competencies that relate to the status and requirements of the educational process in Bulgarian schools. Students learn about the needs and perspectives of its development in the context of contemporary European educational standards and values. The preparation is directed to mastering and developing the practical skills for effective work of the teacher with the school class, group and individual work with each student, work with gifted children, children at risk of dropping out a school, with disabilities, in a multicultural environment and other specific educational needs.




Professional realization


Programme graduates may work as:


  • Teachers
  • School counsellors in secondary schools;
  • Principals and Deputy Principals of secondary comprehensive schools and vocational schools;
  • Educational experts in governmental and private organizations;
  • Expert consultants on educational project activities;
  • Organisers and methodical consultants of training centres for the development of human resources and etc.