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Master's Programme: Management and Entrepreneurship

Form of study: part-time

Duration of study: 2 semesters, admission from winter and summer semesters for specialists and non-specialists

Director: Prof. Desislava Yordanova, DSc

E-mail: d_yordanova@feb.uni-sofia.bg

Administrator: Asst. Prof. Irena Mladenova, PhD

E-mail: irenaml@feb.uni-sofia.bg


Aim of the programme: The programme aims to train highly qualified specialists who are proficient in modern methods and tools for creating and management of organizations. The master's programme was created with the active participation of business partners. It has been created in response to the need for creative entrepreneurs and managers with strong entrepreneurial orientation in all sectors of the Bulgarian economy. Global economic and social challenges require entrepreneurs and managers to apply non-traditional management strategies and approaches to build and sustain competitive advantage.

Upon completion of the programme, the student should be able to apply methods and tools to launch entrepreneurial initiatives, organizational management tools and survival methods and strategies, and development of new and small businesses, be able to formulate goals and strategies, to develop plans, to be able to implement different types of controls, to be able to apply methods and techniques to create new products, be able to use e-commerce strategies, models and tools, be able to undertake and develop entrepreneurial initiatives and be creative, enterprising, proactive, open to innovation.

Graduates of the programme receive a qualification of Master in Management and Entrepreneurship.


Tuition fees in Sofia University for the academic 2023 / 2024 year


Admission requirements: see general requirements.

Implementation: As entrepreneurs and as managers of organizations, as specialistsin the organisation's staff in bodies dealing with strategic management; in the field of strategic management, such as planning, innovation management, marketing, business development, operational management, etc. Successful graduates can hold managerial and administrative positions in business organizations, middle and high levels of government, the highest levels of the administration, third sector organizations; work as consultants; continue their studies and research in doctoral studies; teach at different levels of the higher education system; work in research and development units.

The duration of study is 1 year (2 semesters), which includes:

  • Basic compulsory training - academic disciplines building the professional specialization of the Master in Management and Entrepreneurship.
  • Basic equivalence training - those admitted who are non-specialists, are required to take additional, two specific courses offered as compulsory electives.
  • Professional training - free elective training in various different elective courses.
  • The possibility of studying additional subjects in optional form. The workload and credits for these courses are not counted for the implementation of the curriculum.

The training ends with a state examination or the defense of a master's thesis (at the choice of the thesis defense sessions are in November and March, and the state examination sessions are in July and September).