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  • Lecturer
  • Social pedagogy
  • Non-formal education
  • Classroom management
  • Project management in education
  • European educational policy and priorities
  • Project-based approaches in education
  • Foundations of non-formal education
  • Social pedagogy
  • Social work by project
  • Classroom management
  • Management of educational groups and environments
  • European projects and programs in education
  • Educational policies and priorities in Europe
  • Project management in education
  • Inclusive education
  • Contextualization of social pedagogy
  • Networking in education
  • Innovative approaches and methods in education
  • System theories and models in educational sciences
  • Big data methods in education
Research students
  • Iva Boneva – Socio-educational programs and approaches for developing inclusive attitudes of Bulgarian teachers (2019)
  • Desislava Ivanova – Statute and roles of the beneficiaries of social projects” (2017)
  • Lilia Petrova – "Proactive approach toward school socio-educational work with families" (2012)
  • Alexander Ranev – "Teacher as a classroom leader" (2010)
Selected publications
  • Nikolaeva, S. Inclusive education and general support of personal development: between regulatory and conception. Jubilee Compendium of VTU (2019).
  • Nikolaeva, S. Anthology non-formal education, University publishing house "St. Kl. Ohridski, Sofia, peer-reviewed, in collaboration with foreign scientists (2018)
  • Nikolaeva, S. Non-formal education as a conceptual and applied challenge in the Bulgarian context. Research among the employees in the sector. (Study), Anthology Non-formal education, 2018.
  • Nikolaeva, S. Non-formal education: Authentic image of modernization? 2016, Modernization of education, collection of annual conference of SOFIA DIUU, 2016, editor/s: Neli Dimitrova, 2016.
  • Nikolaeva, S. Learning and networking – different integration, Sat. "Didactical Foundations of the study approach in learning", JUZU, 2014-15, didactic foundations of the study approach in training", UZU, 2014-15, 2015, Ref.
  • Nikolaeva, S. School culture - what is it and how can it be managed? – Effective management of the school, Macedonian Compendium, 2014, publishing house: Skopje, 2014, REF, in cooperation with foreign scientists.
  • Nikolaeva, S. Social discourses to education – unavoidable and misunderstood, first juileen compendium of academic Lectures, Number: 1, 2015, Ref.
  • Nikolaeva, S., Carmel Mulcahy, Geraldin Scanlon, Nikolaeva, S., Mulcahy C., G. Scanlon, (ed.) Towards Transformative Education. A multidisciplinary perspective on research and practice in Bulgaria and Ireland., Еxpare, 2012, 200 р. (under Printing) A. Nikolaeva, S., Priorities and Trends in Education Policy, System and Research: The Case Of Bulgaria, p... B. Nikolaeva, S., Launching an Undergraduate Programme in Non-formal Education: First Reflections on a Bulgarian Bachelor Degree Project. , Express, Gabrovo, REF, in collaboration with foreign Scientists (2012).
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  • English, German, Spanish, Russian