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Readings in History at Sofia University started with the latter’s very establishment in 1888. After 1904, a degree programme in History was offered at the Faculty of History and Philology. Until the mid 20th century, Sofia University remained the only centre for historical research and education and for the dissemination of historical knowledge in Bulgaria. The leading representatives of several successive generations of Bulgarian historians taught at the University. With the reforms of the University in 1951, three humanitarian degree programmes, those in History, Philosophy and Education, were grouped in the Faculty of Philosophy and History. An independent Faculty of History was established in 1972 separating from the former joint faculty structure. New degree programmes were added to the one in History: Archaeology in 1992, Ethnology in 1995, History and Geography in 1999 (the latter jointly with the Faculty of Geology and Geography), Archival Studies in 2002 and South East European Studies in 2006.


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