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Phonology; Discourse Phonology; The Linguistic Debate

Department of English and American Studies


Assoc. Prof. Tatyana Stoycheva, PhD British Cultural Studies; MA courses: Comparative Literature and Culture; Post-colonial Theory in Literary and Cultural Studies; Identity and Culture
Prof. Alexander Shurbanov, Dr. English Literature – Medieval Literature and the Renaissance; Stylistics; MA courses: Translation and Editing of Literary Texts; Shakespeare – Lyrics and Drama; Shakespeare and Genre Hybridization; Shakespeare on Stage and Screen; Reception of English Literature in Bulgaria
Prof. Maya Pencheva, Dr. Semantics; General Linguistics; The Linguistic Debate; MA courses: Typology; English Vocabulary – A Historical Overview; Modern Trends in Linguistics; Language and Pictures of the World; Languages of the Americas
Prof. Lilyana Grozdanova, Dr. Syntax; MA courses: Applied Linguistics; Pragmatics; Methods of Linguistic Analysis
Assoc. Prof. Julia Stefanova, PhD English Literature – Romanticism; MA courses: Myth and Literature; Transatlantic Perspectives in the Humanities
Prof. Mira Kovacheva, PhD Historical Linguistics; History of the English Language; MA course: Language Contacts
Prof. Stefana Russenova, PhD 19th–20th Century English Literature; MA courses: Methods of Analysis and Approaches to the Literary Text; The Aesthetics of Modernism; Borders and Discourses
Assoc. Prof. Vesela Katsarova, PhD 19th–20th Century English Literature; MA courses: Contemporary British Writers; British Women Writers; Postmodernism in British Fiction
Assoc. Prof. Evgenia Pancheva, PhD English Renaissance Literature; MA course: Modern Literary Theories
Prof. Maria Georgieva, PhD Introduction to Sociolinguistics; Canadian Languages and Cultures; MA courses: Pragmatics; Learning and Communicative Strategies; Second Lan guage Acquisition; MA Thesis Writing
Assoc. Prof. Hristo Stamenov, PhD Morphology, Word-formation; MA courses: Contrastive Linguistics; Problems of Morphological Analysis
Assoc. Prof. Madeleine Danova, PhD American Literature up to the 20th century; Contemporary American Literature; Multiculturalism in Canadian Literature; MA courses: Identity and Culture; Mass Media and Culture; Race and Ethnicity in American Culture; Henry James into Film; Transatlantic Motifs in North American Literature
Assoc. Prof. Asparouh Asparouhov, PhD English Literature: the Middle Ages and the Renaissance; 19th–20th Century English Literature; Practical English
Prof. Kornelia Slavova, PhD Cultural History of the USA; American Popular Culture; Twentieth-Century American Drama; MA course: Contemporary American Drama
Assoc. Prof. Rositsa Ishpekova, PhD Semantics; MA course: Cognitive Linguistics
Assoc. Prof. Maria Pipeva British Cultural Studies; Practical English; Children’s Literature – Critiques and Translation, MA course: Methods of Analysis and Approaches to the Literary Text
Asst. Prof. Snezhina Dimitrova, PhD Phonology; Discourse Phonology; MA course: Applied Phonetics; Varieties of Spoken English
Asst. Prof. Sashka Hristova, PhD Theory and Practice of Translation; MA courses: Interpreting; Intercultural Communication and Translation
Asst. Prof. Zelma Katalan, PhD Stylistics; 19th–20th Century English Literature; The English Popular Novel and Film
Asst. Prof. Filipina Filipova, PhD Practical English; Irish Studies; Translation of Literary Texts
Assoc. Prof. Neli Tincheva, PhD Text Linguistics; Practical English; The Linguistic Debate
Asst. Prof. Svetlin Stratiev, PhD Practical English; Canadian Languages and Cultures; MA courses: Humour in the English Novel of the 20th century; Humour and Social Differentiation in Contemporary English Literature; Writing an MA Thesis
Asst. Prof. Andrey Stoevski Morphology, Practical English
Asst. Prof. Ralitsa Muharska Practical English; Gender, Power and Communication; American Cultural Studies; MA courses: Professional Communication Writing; MA Thesis Writing
Asst. Prof. Tatyana Kostadinova English Practical Phonetics; Discourse and Translation; MA course: Interpreting
Asst. Prof. Vladimir Filipov Phonology; Discourse Phonology; The Linguistic Debate
Asst. Prof. Roumyana Blagoeva Practical English
Assoc. Prof. Alexandra Bagasheva, PhD General Linguistics; The Linguistic Debate; Practical English
Asst. Prof. Emilia Slavova, PhD Practical English; MA course: MA Thesis Writing
Asst. Prof. Tsvetan Penevski Practical English, Translation of Public Domain Texts; Translation of Media Texts
Asst. Prof. Lyubomir Terziev English Literature – Romanticism
Asst. Prof. Alexandra Glavanakova American Literature; American Popular Culture; MA course: Race and Ethnicity in American Culture
Asst. Prof. Neli Yakimova Practical English; MA course: Cultural Studies, Pragmatics
Asst. Prof. Lyubomira Genova Practical English
Asst. Prof. Maria Dimitrova Practical English; MA course: Modern Literary Theory
Asst. Prof. Galina Avramova Practical English, Multiculturalism in Canadian Literature
Asst. Prof. Lyubina Gagova Practical English
Asst. Prof. Ivelina Kazakova Practical English, British Cultural Studies
Asst. Prof. Mitko Subev English Historical Grammar, Phonology