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Заповед на Декана на Историческия факултет за обучение в електронна среда, считано от 21.10.2021 г. до 30.11.2021 г.


График на зимната изпитна сесия за студентите в бакалавърска степен, задочно обучение


Course Announcement: Educational Technology for the Classroom

The interdisciplinary department of Educational Technology at Saarland University is offering a 6-week MOOC on the topic "How can educational technologies in the classroom meaningfully support teaching and learning?".

Between the 03.01.2022 and 11.02.2022, participants will gain an overview of current educational technologies and technology-supported instructional approaches. To this end, participants can take part in the following learning activities: Watching mini-video lectures and a specific Edutech Podcast, reading scientific articles, cooperative analysis, discussion of scenarios of technology-supported teaching and learning, critical evaluation of peer analyses and self-evaluation through quizzes.

(Participants can achieve up to 3 ECTS points.)

For the first iteration of Educational Technology for the Classroom (ETCL),we would like to offer access to our current Moodle implementation.It is already part of the Edutech Curriculum and would benefit greatly from international students working together with our students on the discussions and partner activities.Besides that most of our students have an international background themselves, they come from the fields of psychology, educational science, computer science and teaching.
As for the course itself:
The course is held in English and the students can achieve up to 3 CP (ECTS)
In ETCL, the students:
- Obtain an overview of tools for teaching and learning
- Acquire a critical understanding for the application of learning hard- and software in the classroom
- Know the possibilities that digital technology offer to enhance self-regulated and collaborative learning (especially in relation to the potentials of scripts for the orchestration of learning scenarios, of feedback and awareness tools, and of multimedia learning) and for task design within a classroom environment.
ETCL covers the following topics:- Discussion tasks for critical understanding of the application of technology in the classroom, including legal and practical barriers for the use of media- Multimedia presentation techniques on interactive whiteboards.- Design of technology-supported classroom scripts- Testing and orchestration of different social learning arrangements with the help of different social media and mobile devices- Exchange of experiences with teaching staff and educational technologists- Conception of a technology-based teaching unit in different subjects