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Пълна информация за приема на магистри във Философски факултет можете да намерите на http://ma.su-phls.info/


Politics and Policies of the European Union

Politics and Policies of the European Union

Contact persons

Assoc. Prof. Mirela Veleva, Head of the Programmirellavele@gmail.com
Prof. Georgi Dimitrov, Deputy Head of the Programgeorgi@phls.uni-sofia.bg
Dr. Desislava Karaasenova, Program coordinator – desi.kara@gmail.com

Annotation: The interdisciplinary MA in Politics and Policies of the European Union (in English) aims to advance and deepen the competences of students from both EU countries, Bulgaria included, and non-EU countries from the near neighborhoods and beyond, who are interested in Euro-integration and the variety of public policies through which it is carried out. The Program helps students acquire knowledge and competences, based on a broad interdisciplinary training, that are necessary for successful implementation of the public policies though which the European integration is maintained and developed.

Courses offered: European Political Process (institutions and representation of interests); Comparative European Public Administration; Theories of European Integration; Policies Formulation and Participation in the Decision-Making Process; EU Enlargement Conditionality; Political History of the EU’s Enlargements; European Integration through Public Policies; Rotational Presidency of the EU; Regional Policy of the EU; EU’s Standards and Policies of Rule of law; Policies of Pressure in the EU; EU’s Energy Policy; EU’s Policy towards the WB and Neighbourhood Policy; European Migration Policy; EU Foreign & Security Policy; Administrative Reforms in the EU Countries – Theories and Practices; Transnational Organized Crime in the EU.

Faculty Members: All teaching staff members are renowned political science researchers who are well published in Bulgarian and English.

Duration of Studies: two semesters of course attendance plus a third semester for writing the MA thesis.

Admission Requirements: The program is open to BA degree holders in social sciences, political and administrative sciences, economics, law and humanities.

In order to apply you have to send the following documents:

  • A copy of your ID document
  • Your updated CV with an explicit statement about the level of English language proficiency
  • A legalized copy of you diploma with transcript of the grades
  • A motivation letter which will convince the Program Board in the authenticity of your academic aspirations and interest in this particular program
  • Two recommendation letters by professors who know your previous academic performance.

These documents should be sent to the Program Board electronically by September 20th at the latest to http://ma.su-phls.info/en/.

More information about the rules and procedures for applying for MA programs at Sofia University is available at https://www.uni-sofia.bg/index.php/eng/admission



Tuition fee:

1) citizens of EU/EEA and Switzerland – students in residence: € 1500 per semester.
2) all other international students – € 1650 per semester.

Financial aid:

  1. A) The citizens of EU/EEA and Switzerland are eligible for a monthly stipend beginning from the second semester. See eu
  2. D) The Western Balkans citizens are welcome to apply for Erasmus Mundus/BASELEUS Project scholarship carrying full tuition waiver and monthly stipend, http://www.basileus.ugent.be/index.asp?p=111&a=111 .
  3. E) Students from Turkey can receive financial aid within the Erasmus Student Exchange Program.
  4. F) Financial aid for Chinese students is available within the bilateral Chinese-Bulgarian Cultural Agreement. Please contact the Chinese Ministry of Education for more information.
  5. H) Erasmus + grants are available. Students from Russia (Financial aid for Russian students is available within the bilateral Russian-Bulgarian Cultural Agreement. Please contact the Russian Ministry of Education for more information), Ukraine, Belarus, and the other CIS countries, Indian Sub-Continent, Latin America, and the Middle East receive financial aid in the form of inexpensive dormitory accommodation (about 40 € per month including most of the utilities) plus a discount on public transportation and at the University cafeterias. The same type of financial aid is available for the citizens of EU/EEA and Switzerland, American citizens, Canadian nationals, Western Balkans citizens, students from Turkey, and Chinese students.

Application deadline: September 20th for fall semester admissions. It is strongly desirable the application procedure to start three months before the application deadline as the bachelor degree of the applicant needs to be officially recognized by Sofia University.

Student Visa Matters: The Sofia University in cooperation with the Bulgarian Ministry of Education and Science provides the necessary documents for student visa application to all eligible candidates outside the EU/EEA and Switzerland.

Cultural Life: Being the capital of Bulgaria, Sofia is a jolly city to live in. More information about Sofia and its cultural and recreational opportunities can be found at http://www.local-life.com/sofia