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В том 20 (2021) на Годишника на Стопанския факултет на СУ "Св. Климент Охридски" бе публикувана статията на проф. Теодор Седларски "Политическа икономия на социалния статус: щастието в настоящия икономически ред от перспективата на поведенческата икономика"


Пълен текст на статията:

Теоретичните приноси на Дейвид Рикардо в историята на икономическата мисъл (pdf)



This article elaborates on the theoretical contributions of David Ricardo and the way they are
introduced in the History of economic thought class. Ricardo’s defining ideas in the realm of political
economy like the Ricardian rent, the comparative advantage, the specie-flow mechanism, the
steady-state, the unified methodology of the labour theory of value, and the natural wage are being
discussed in the text in close connection to his lesser known contributions like Ricardo‘s Ingot Plan,
the recommendation to nationalize the Bank of England and his stance in the bullionist controversy,
as well as the Ricardian equivalence proposition. The discussion is preceded by a short note on
Ricardo’s life and work and concludes with an overview of his influence on next generations of
economic thinkers.


Key words: political economy, Ricardian rent, comparative advantage, specie-flow mechanism,
steady-state, labour theory of value, wage-fund doctrine, natural wage, Ricardo‘s Ingot Plan,
bullionist controversy, Ricardian equivalence proposition.



Седларски, Т. (2021), " Теоретичните приноси на Дейвид Рикардо в историята на икономическата мисъл", Годишник на Стопанския факултет на Софийския университет “Св. Климент Охридски”, Том 20 / 2021, с. 173-200.