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UniCredit & Universities Foundation is a non-profit Foundation established, and fully funded, by UniCredit, one of the leading financial groups in Europe. UniCredit & Universities main purpose is to support highly talented students and researchers in Economics and Finance from all over Europe, through scholarships and other grants (please find attached our Leaflet and here following the link to download our Annual Report for any further information on the Foundation and all the activities launched in 2011 at http://unicreditanduniversities.eu/uploads/assets/Bilancio_2011/Universities_UK.pdf ).


Just to sum-up, we launch every year several scholarships for PhD and Master programs abroad covering costs of living as well as full university fees (each scholarship amounts to about EUR 25,000 plus the fees). We launch also competitions for Best PhD Thesis and Best Papers open to all countries* of UniCredit.

Please see below a short description of our main competitions now open and the links to our website: SCHOLARSHIPS 1) 1 Crivelli Europe Scholarship - 11^ ed. The competition is open to all the best European students in the fields of economics or finance who wish to take a PhD abroad. The scholarship, annual, amounts to € 25,000 (gross of taxes) and is renewable for a second year. In addition, the Foudation pays all tuition fees. Deadline 15/11/2012 http://www.unicreditanduniversities.eu/index.php/en/fellow/show/fellow_id/1 2 ) 22 Study Abroad Exchange Programme Grants - 2^ ed. The competititon is aimed at all the best students in economics, finance, law econonics for a period of max six months abroad to/from Azerbaijan, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Kazakhstan, Kyrgystan, Russia, Serbia and Ukraine. Each winner will receive a monthly grant of 700 for the entire period abroad plus one air ticket. Deadline 15/11/2012 http://www.unicreditanduniversities.eu/index.php/en/fellow/show/fellow_id/12





1) 1 Foscolo Europe Fellowship - 4^ ed. The competition is aimed at the most talented researchers who initially graduated from European universities and then went on to complete a Ph.D. in economics or finance abroad; applicants must still be teaching or researching abroad, with an intention to return to Europe to continue their research for at least 2 years. Foundation will award an annual amount of € 60,000 gross to the winner for a maximum of 4 years. Deadline – 15/11/2012. http://www.unicreditanduniversities.eu/index.php/en/fellow/show/fellow_id/5




2) 3 Post-Doc Research Grants - 3^ ed. The competition is to award the best three research projects in economics or finance submitted by young European researchers. Grants worth €10,000 gross per year. Grants will be awarded for a maximum duration of two years. Deadline – 15/11/2012. http://www.unicreditanduniversities.eu/index.php/en/fellow/show/fellow_id/13

3) 2 Best PhD Thesis Award - 3^ ed. The competition to reward two outstanding doctoral dissertations in Economics or Finance. Grants worth € 5,000 gross each. Deadline 15/3/2013 http://www.unicreditanduniversities.eu/index.php/en/fellow/show/fellow_id/15