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  • After your arrival in Sofia

As a foreign citizen you have to do the registration at the Municipality - Region Mladost within 3 days after your arrival in Sofia: https://goo.gl/maps/bWQGdbbTnxaiKiwt5


  • Study Agreement: During short-term study

During the first week at Sofia University, the faculty will arrange meetings. These meetings are important in connection with your Study Agreement: During short-term study part and the final list of courses that you will include in there.

If you make any changes in the initially selected courses, you are required to submit the signed During short-term study part within the deadline:

  • 07 November for winter semester
  • 27 March for summer semester.

If you do not make changes in your Study Plan, you are not obliged to prepare this document, but you have to inform via email your coordinator from IRO.

Please consider the following instructions when preparing your Study Agreement: During short-term study part:

  • You are obliged to choose the courses only from your Host Faculty at Sofia University. The list of courses is available on the following link https://erasmus.uni-sofia.bg/site/income/courses/
  • The ECTS of each course should correspond to the information published on our website.
  • You are required to include the course code in your Study Plan. Do not forget it!
  • The document has to be signed by you, the faculty coordinator at Sofia University and the coordinator at your Home University.
  • The signed document has to be sent via email to your respective coordinator from the International Relations Office.
  • Based on this document, you will be enrolled in the courses
  • If you do not provide your During short-term study part by the deadline, you will be enrolled in the courses according to your Study Plan: Before Mobility.
  • You can receive ECTS only for the courses indicated in your Study Plan.


Please note that once submitted, you cannot make any further changes to the During short-term study part.


  • Transcript of Records

An official academic Transcript of Records – a list of courses taken with both grades and ECTS credits gained during your studies at Sofia University – will be issued after the end of your short-term study. Usually the document is issued in around 5 weeks after the end of the exam session (in accordance with the Sofia University`s regulations).

Kindly be aware that according to Rector’s Order No. РД–19–242/02.07.2021 Transcripts of Records are issued after covering all financial obligations regarding your accommodation at the dormitories (in case you are accommodated there).

Once issued, the document will be sent to you and the Home University coordinator via email.

In order to be sure that all courses that you have attended will be included in your Transcript of records, you have to provide the Study Agreement: During short-term study part on time or to confirm that you will not make any changes in the initial list of courses included in the Before mobility part of the Study Plan part in your Application form. You can receive ECTS credits only for the courses indicated in your Study Plan (Before or During short-term study) and which you have passed successfully. All courses have to be selected from our official course catalogue both for Erasmus and exchange students.