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The aim of this study is to prepare specialists trained to prescribe and fit lenses to improve vision comfort and to direct the patients to ophthalmologist in cases when eye disease is suspected. The optometrists are supposed to receive a broad natural science education in general physics and optics, material science, chemistry, biology and medicine. Afterwards their specialization is based on optometric subjects human physiology, sight psychophysics and sight psychology of the visual perception, sight pathology, sight disorders and clinical refraction.

The lectures and the practical exercises are held in the Faculties of Physics, Medicine, Biology and Chemistry of the Sofia University. For selected subjects lecturers and specialists from the Institutes of the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences and the University Hospital “Lozenetz” are invited.

The study has duration of 8 semesters, ends with a Diploma work and leads to a Bachelor degree in Physics, specialization Optometry.

The full list of subjects, their duration and credits can be found here: