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Department of "Radiophysics and Electronics" is pleased to welcome you to our website - http://rfe.phys.uni-sofia.bg and we invite you to become familiar with teaching and research activity of the department. Radiophysics and electronics are areas that study the principles of generation, transmission and receiving of electromagnetic waves and electrical signals and their practical use for collecting, processing, storage and transmission of information in communication systems.
The Department is mainly involved in the training of students from the bachelor program "Communications and physical electronics". The education of bachelors in this program is focused on skills and knowledge to work in communication, high-tech companies and research laboratories, in the field of control systems, design and production of devices and equipment. The main advantages of the program are:

1. Easy transition from high school to university education.

2. Courses giving basic knowledge in the area (electrodynamics, signals and systems, oscillations and waves, communication technologies, information technologies, etc),

specialization courses (radiation and propagation of electromagnetic waves, microwave and wireless devices, vacuum and gas electronics, solid state electronics, random processes, information theory, etc) and many eligible courses (mobile and satellite communications, signal processing electronics, instrumentation and measurement techniques in electronics and communications, plasma technologies, vacuum technique and technologies, etc.)

3. Laboratories for practical training.

The eligible courses and the opportunity of the students to continue education in master's programs "Wireless networks and devices" and "Plasma Physics" allow their specialization and participation in projects and innovative research.

Demand for skilled students continues to grow and our department seeks to attract more young people who are interested in the topic to offer high quality training methods and technologies in this field.