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Master's program is aimed at graduates with humanities majors who work in institutions that require basic knowledge of social context and its relation with different forms of political representation and authorities. In the MP courses key problems of political life will be analyzed, whose root is in social life: types of power and their relationship to political governance, social construction of minorities and types of minorities, what are the social bases of political action; what is the relation between social inequalities and forms of political expressions, what are the new types of civic engagement, including on line civic activities, etc .

Educational knowledge and skills:

The graduate students of 'Political Sociology' MP should know the basic principles of maintenance and reproduction of social order, as well as how the social change is possible; processes of institutionalization; theories of power, different concepts about democracy, various forms and manifestations of the political: ranging from spontaneous forms of civic expression, through institutionalized forms of public control, to types of political regimes and specificity of different public policies. At the same time they will learn about basic sociological methods, which will guarantee competency in monitoring and evaluation of different projects, programs, policies. The acquired knowledge will enable them to identify social and sociological problems and to elaborate adequate public policies. Master Degree qualification is "Master in Sociology - Political Sociology".

Professional competences:

Graduate students will acquire knowledge and professional competencies that will help them to work as
experts and analysts of current political issues, participants in teams conducting different types of sociological research into the realm of politics - political marketing, electoral studies, consultants in the development of local and national policies, experts in the development of marketing strategies in the field of political PR.


Qualification enables graduates of the Master's program to work in PR and advertising agencies, in academia, in the media, the state and local authorities, in consulting firms, in political parties, non-governmental sector.