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What is the value of people to organisations and how they develop people’s potential and talents? We will answer these questions together. We will discover that a labour market’s functioning and a companies’ performance rely on how top-management teams formulate and implement strategies in order to develop people and stimulate their capacity for innovations. People, Organisations and Labour Мarkets are the core of the world economy and of this programme.

The Master in Labour Markets and Human Resources Development is a full-time programme, which aims to prepare graduates, from many disciplines in social sciences and humanities, to master human resources development challenges in the contexts of global labour market.

The programme is divided into three terms. During the first term, the fundamentals of labour markets, labour law, organizational behaviour and management are addressed, in order to provide a specialised mindset. After, students are introduced to key topics in the human resources management. In these courses, you learn the main HRM’ responsibilities and different strategies to address them.

This programme combines science and practice. While the academic excellence is assured by established academic professors, you will have the opportunity to discuss different issues with HR managers along the third term. Interactive classes, team assignments, internship provide the necessary context for learning and starting off/developing a successful career in a business firm or public and non-governmental organisations.

Career development is a key part of this program. The program includes 90 hours (as a minimum) internship at various organisations. It is your chance to put into practice the theory and techniques learned during the academic terms. We will assist you to find the internship that is best for you and your development. At the end of the internship you are required to submit and to present to the class a thesis showcasing your core educational activities during both the academic terms and the internship.

The Master program is updated and suited to the market needs thanks to a continuous dialogue between the faculty and the Bulgarian Association for People Management.