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Form of Study: Part Time

Length of Study: 2 semesters

Educational objectives:

The Master's program is aimed at bachelors, masters or working teachers who want to acquire a teaching qualification for a Philosophy teacher in secondary schools. The aim of the program is to prepare highly educated, quality pedagogical staff as well as to support the career development of teachers already in operation in line with European standards and norms.Description

Training for the acquisition of a professional qualification "teacher" includes theoretical and practical training and is carried out through compulsory, elective and optional disciplines. As a result, students will learn: modern teaching methods, dialogue and debate management techniques, interactive approaches and skills to work with children with different needs and attitudes. They will also be able to design projects, develop and apply specific assessment methods, train students in creative and critical thinking.


Professional Qualifications

The pedagogical, psychological and methodological courses taught are in accordance with the Philosophy Teacher Training Ordinance. The knowledge and skills acquired in the Master's degree prepare highly qualified specialists who have modern teaching methods, are able to work with different groups of children, solve conflicts in the school environment and cope with aggression.

In addition to the competencies developed in the pedagogical module, during the first semester students will also pass compulsory courses in theoretical philosophical disciplines on a specially prepared curriculum that corresponds to the State Educational Requirements and curricula for compulsory and profiled training that will contribute to enhancing their philosophical education.


Professional Realization

Graduates of the Master's program will be able to realize themselves as teachers in the secondary education system, school principals, philosophy teachers, collaborators in non-governmental educational organizations, textbooks, teaching aids, e-courses and educational sites.

Terms of acceptance

Training Type: Part Time

Professional qualification: Teacher in the subject "Philosophy"

Application conditions: Bachelors or Masters of Public and Human Sciences are admitted to the Master's Degree Exam.

Admission Exam: The exam includes an interview with the Examining Board to establish the motivation and personal attitude of candidates to work at school. It also assesses candidates' behavioral, communicative and spoken language skills.