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  1. Educational objectives

The “Library and Information Sciences and Cultural Policies (LISCP) MA program’s main aim is to provide the librarian sector in the country with specialist staff. Students will specialize in providing informational support for the science, business, educational and cultural sectors.

  1. Description

The LISCP MA Program builds upon the knowledge and skills attained in the Bachelor’s “Library and Information Sciences” program. The participants in this Program will acquire the skills and experience needed to successfully apply the use of modern information and communication technologies and will be trained to so in contemporary computer labs. The LISCP MA Program offers a learning plan that integrates the current trends is the professional field with every student’s personal interest by providing a variety of optional courses.

  1. Professional Skills

The lectures in the program are taught by leading professors and docents in the field. Each lecture module aims to help the students to develop high competence in the field of Library Information Science and Cultural Policy.

The participants in this MA Program will acquire skills in research, leadership and various other professional abilities related to the use of modern information and communication technologies. To help develop these skills, all students will be expected to complete coursework assignments with the help and under the tutorship of habilitated supervisors.

To graduate from the MA Program every student must complete and defend a master’s thesis.

  1. Careers and Employability

Graduates of the MA Program will have the opportunity to continue their education by applying for a PhD course and participate in the research projects of the department’s professors.

Those who complete the LISCP MA program will be prepared to:

  • Participate in the preparation and execution of national and Library and Informational Sciences policies;
  • Work in a wide range of organizations and provide informational support in the fields of science, education and culture;
  • Assist in the informational servicing of businesses and social activities;
  • Coordinate information focused relations and interactions between cultural organizations on a national, as well as regional level;
  • Work as experts who develop and assess projects, whose aim is to guarantee wide-range access to the informational resources of Bulgaria and facilitate information exchange with other countries;