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Orientation, educational goals

Graduates who hold a BA or an MA degree from a variety of areas can enroll in the MA programme. The MA studies provides them with extensive preparation how to develop, participate in, implement and evaluate projects with a focus on different programmes funded by the EU. The program has a practical orientation and aims at developing skills which can be directly applied during and after training.

Training – knowledge and skills necessary to a successful professional activity; general theoretical and specialised training, etc.

The MA programme provides highly qualified specialists in developing, evaluating and implementing projects with a major focus on European Union project. The programme graduates:

  • have knowledge of the programmes and type of projects within the EU as well as of methods how to manage successfully projects in the economic, social, educational, professional and cultural sector;
  • are able to develop project ideas and proposals in line with the priorities of the respective programmes;
  • have acquired skills to apply management methods, to monitor and evaluate project implementation, including the use of specislised software and ICT;
  • are able to apply suitable methods in order to disseminate project results and to communicate with project stakeholders and beneficiaries;
  • have basic skills in developing, completing and reporting on project budgets;
  • have skills to collaborate in project teams and collective perform specific project related tasks;
  • can use EU project terminology and can present in English – in an oral or written manner – on topics related to project implementation, reports and outcomes;
  • acquire skills to communicate successfully with partners from different countries participating in project teams.

The МА programme is practice-oriented and has interdisciplinary character. It addresses the specialists’ need working in competitive and crisis environments, which require that theory and practice be effectively merged. It also provides opportunities to get acquainted with various models of project design, management, evaluation, funding, legal support and media and information coverage of different projects. The programme provides training in selecting, designing, modifying and implementing project ideas and aims in various spheres as well as in technical design and execution of project tasks to meet the needs of different clients and scientific rationalisation of project activities.

Thanks to the knowledge and skills acquired by the MA students they are able to find successful realisation in the following spheres: state and local administration, project preparation and management departments; European, national, regional, municipal, management, business, educational and cultural institutions; political parties, professional unions and associations, foundations, etc.

The programme is especially useful to those employed in the above sectors who are seeking to update their skills and knowledge in the field of European projects in order to enhance their own professional performance and enhance their career development prospect.

Duration: 2 semesters

Format: full-time