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Sociology is the study of social life, social relations, social change; it examines how societies are organised, how people are united and divided in different cultural and social arrangements, how people view their societies and their own identities. Sociology makes us question the taken-for-granted world and explore it reflexively. As sociologists, we develop a sociological imagination and skills to think critically about our own presence, its structure and relations with the past.

Our department of Sociology, ranked number 1 in Bulgaria, offers education that relates the understanding of the fundamentals of theoretical and methodological approaches in sociology with expertise on the main quantitative and qualitative methods in social researches. The education aims at forming theoretical knowledge and analytical mindset for identifying and investigating social and sociological problems. The department offers opportunities for knowledge and skills to be acquired for the professional conduct of diverse types of sociological researches. The BA in Sociology forms expertise and abilities for the development of knowledge-based public policies in various spheres.

The curriculum of the BA in Sociology offers assembly of obligatory and optional courses aiming to secure the qualitative appreciation of the fundamental theoretical and empirical skills on one hand, and on the other – offers an opportunity for the students to fulfil their own interests in different sociological fields, developed at the department. The students are engaged obligatory in one research practice, at least, intending to acquire research skills in practice and in one training in a relevant for their professional realisation institution so as to develop applied professional experience.

BA in Sociology is an opportunity for the graduates to have a professional realization in sociological, marketing, PR and advertising agencies, in academic institutions, in the sphere of secondary education, in the media, at the state and local authorities, in consulting firms, political parties, the non-governmental sector, in the research departments of business organizations.

The bachelor degree is with duration of 4 academic years (8 semesters), regular form of education. The education is considered with the scientific interests of the students and the professors also. The aim is to achieve contemporary and flexible education, consistent with the new tendencies and methods of education. After successful graduation the students get the professional degree BA in Sociology.