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The BA program is designed to realize fully the mission, objectives and contents of the discipline. BA graduates accumulate basic and specialized knowledge in the following fields: (1) normative constitution of administration and related public activities; (2) political systems, political relations and political competence in particular regions, as well as relations between political systems and administration; (3) government decision-making strategies concerning national and regional communities, public infrastructure sectors, governmental and non-governmental organizations; (4) public finances, budget allocation and functioning of economic regulations in the public sphere; (5) contemporary information systems and technologies; (6) juridical and administrative aspects in EU.
BA graduates in Public Administration are qualified to work in central and local government institutions. Within these they can choose particular departments that match their personal interests and ambitions.
The BA Degree program in Public Administration at Sofia University develops students’ basic skills in decision making, conflict resolution, public relations, team work, etc.

BA graduates in Public Administration can work as:
- employees in the central and local administration system;
- civil servants in state-subsidized organizations in the sector of education, health care and security as well as in social agencies, cultural institutions, etc;
- employees in NGOs, such as civil associations, etc;
- experts and consultants in the issues of administrative restructuring required for the purposes of the European integration process;
- experts in specific economic sectors, especially in the sector of state and communal property.
BA students develop their skills working with current legal documents and information technology in Public Administration; they acquire skills how to work with the public in a democratic society and how to use special management techniques and methods for running projects and programs in various sectors.