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The General Assembly is the supreme governing body of the Faculty. It consists of all professors, associate professors and assistant professors who work under a basic employment relationship with the University, as well as representatives of students, postgraduate students and employees.

The General Assembly elects the chairman and vice-chairman of the General Assembly; elects and dismisses the Dean of the Faculty; determines the numerical composition of the Faculty Council; elects the chairman, vice-chairman and members of the Appraisal Committee; elects and dismisses the members of the Faculty Council; adopts and amends, if necessary, by a majority of more than half of its members, the regulations on the structure and activities of the Faculty; determines the main guidelines for the activities of the Faculty; adopts reports on the activities of the Dean and the Faculty Council; decides on the following matters

Chairman of the GA Assoc. Prof.Dr. Efrem Efremov.
Vice-Chairman of the GA Assoc. Prof. Dr. Svetlana Stankova