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Bachelor degree

Cab. 9

Tel: 02/9308487

Evelyn Vassileva, Students Inspector for the Bachelor's Degree in Public Relations and Book Publishing, evelinh@uni-sofia.bg

Rositsa Filatova, Inspector "Students" for Bachelor's degree programmes "Journalism" and "Communication Management", rfilatova@uni-sofia.bg

Cab. 10

Tel. 02/9308226

Annie Nikolova, Inspector of Teaching, Departments of History and Theory of Journalism, Press Journalism and Book Publishing, Radio and Television, aivanovan@uni-sofia.bg

Cab. 32

Tanya Dimitrova, Inspector of Teaching, Department of Communication, Public Relations and Advertising, tanjagd@uni-sofia.bg

Tel. 02/9308202

Milena Banova, Inspector of Curricular Activities, timetable for exam session preparation and class schedule, Department of Communication and Audiovisual Production, mibanova@uni-sofia.bg

Master's degree

Cab. 11

Tel. 02/9819409

Hristiana Vladova, Inspector "Teaching", Master's degree, hvladova@uni-sofia.bg
Chief Inspector Administration
and PhD

Mariela Nikolova, mmnikolova@uni-sofia.bg

Office hours 9 - 12, 13 - 17