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  • Lecturer
  • Child-Parent Relationships
  • Fundamental and differing aspects of the social work
  • Preparation for the family life, sexual education and family planning
  • Social work with people who are invalids or with different kinds of injuries
  • Health promotion and prevention of the social damages
  • Will and the meaning of the social worker in the health system
  • Questions connected with the usage and abuse of alcohol, smoking and drugs

Bachelor degree

  • Social Work Basics
  • Health promotion and illness prevention in the social work
  • Social work with people with different kinds of injuries
  • Alternative forms of social work for integration of children with disabilities (special educational needs).
  • Social work with minor mothers from Roma origin.
Research students  
Selected publications
  • Boyanova, V. Parents and children.
  • Boyanova, V. With the child’s vision and its claims.
  • Boyanova, V. Some words from The Teachings of Peter Danov about the education.
  • Boyanova, V. Preparation for the family life, for intended parents with different ethno-cultural belonging.
  • Boyanova, V. The Meaning of the interdisciplinary character of the social work for the people with different kinds of injuries.
  • French
  • v.boyanova@fp.uni-sofia.bg
  • Phone: (+359 2) 9308 464