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  • Lecturer
  • Head of the Faculty of Education' Career Center
  • Psychotherapy
  • Foster care
  • Professional orientation and counseling
  • Staff selection and training
  • Children with specific needs
  • Sign language
  • Psychoanalysis with (premature) babies
  • Prenatal development, maternity and early childhood development
  • Professional orientation and counseling
  • Social work with foster families
  • Recruitment
  • Children with disabilities and their families counseling
  • Psychoanalytic approach
  • Family counseling
  • Professional orientation and counseling of students in grades from 6 to 8 in quarter Vrabnitsa. Prevention of asocial behavior – art-studios.
  • Mentoring model in the high education - structuring and approbation. NIS, 2012.
  • Model for working with children with cerebral palsy. With Specialized hospital for residential treatment of prolonged therapy and rehabilitation of children with cerebral palsy. MOMN, competition "Yong scientist", 2011.
  • Psychoanalysis in neonatology and maternity ward.
  • April–December 2014 - "Attitudes to employment opportunities and professional development of adolescents in conflict with the Law". Project Manager.
  • "Different but equal - interdependence and decent life for people with disabilities and elderly above 65 years" - jointly developed project with Vrabnitsa Municipality.


Research students
  • Krustina Todorova "Vocational guidance and counseling of adolescents in conflict with the Law"
Selected publications
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  • English
  • Russian
  • m.bogdanova@fp.uni-sofia.bg
  • 02 9308 464