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  • Head of the Department Social Work
  • Head of the Civil Education Center
  • Civil education
  • Moral development of the students
  • Values and values development
  • Ethics of social work
  • Pedagogy and sexology
  • School dropping out and others

Bachelor degree

  • Pedagogy (Theory of upbringing and didactics)
  • Professional values and norms in social work
  • Sexual and pedagogical problems in the childhood and adolescence
  • Civil education

Master degree

  • Resources of the social work
  • Civil Education of the Students – European Practices and Perspectives (Ministry of Education and Science; Sofia University) Social Work with Minor Roma Mothers (Sofia University).
  • Education in Entrepreneurship.
  • Causes of the Children’s School Dropping out and others.
Research students
  • Svetlana Angelova, “Dynamics of the Stereotypes in the Pedagogical Interaction”
Selected publications
  • Strakova, L. Value Orientations and Development of the Students. S., 1999 (monography).
  • Strakova, L. Technological Mechanisms of the Moral Development of the Students. S., 1995 (study).
  • Strakova, L. Diagnostics of the Upbringing. - In: Theory of Upbringing. S., 2001.
  • Strakova, L. Development of the Research on the Sex and Sexuality. S., 2003 (study).
  • Strakova, L. Education in Entrepreneureship. (two studies in 2005 and 2006).
  • Strakova, L. Causes of the Children’s School dropping out, 2008 (study).
  • French, Russian
  • l.strakova@fp.uni-sofia.bg
  • Phone: (+359 2) 9308 464