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Purpose, educational goals


The Master program is designed for persons with Bachelor Degree in fields different from Social work specialty or related specialties who wish to work with children and families from different categories.


The main goal of the program is to prepare high-qualified specialist in all fields of social work with children and families. The program aims at:


  • deepening of theoretical and practical knowledge in the field of social work;
  • developing a system of knowledge, skills and attitudes toward working with children and families with different social problems;
  • developing the competencies for building integrative relations and cooperation between different social subjects in micro and macro environment and between institutions for social work when solving problems of children and families;
  • engaging the students in practical activities and stimulating the development of students’ research projects.



Professional realization


This Master program graduates can work as:


  • Social workers in system for working with children and families – social and social-pedagogical, health and specialized institutions for children and adult family members; local municipal structures; community social services and special institutions (Day centres, Crisis centres, Centres for community support, for working with children on the street; centres for social rehabilitation and integration; consulting offices, complexes for social services; family-type centres; centres for temporary stay; shelters; transitional, protected and supervised houses; “Mother and baby” departments; foster care; homes for children and others);
  • Social workers and experts in state structures for child protection and in organizations working in child protection field;
  • Specialists in the field of social assistance, protection and support for children and families in state, non-governmental and private sector;
  • Organizers, managers and coordinators of social oriented activities with children and families, including those from different risk groups;
  • Experts, researchers and evaluators on projects and programs in the field of social services for children and families.