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Purpose, educational goals


The master program is intended for persons with Bachelor degrees Social work and related specialties that work or want to work in the sphere of the clinical social work.


The purpose of the master program “Clinical social work” is the preparation of specialists in the field of the social work with people from specialised clinics, dispensaries for people with psychic disturbances and drug habits, daily hospitals for adults and children with disturbances and dependences, houses for children with physical and psychic disturbances, centres for medical-social cares for adults and children etc.


The main goal is preparation of high quality specialists in different spheres of the clinic social work by:


  • Obtaining of a specialized theoretical preparation in the field of the clinic social work in its different dimensions and forms of institutions;
  • Formation of skills and attitudes to work with different categories clients of the clinical social work.



Instruction (knowledge and skills necessary for successful professional activity; basic theoretical and specialized training)


  • knowledge about the specificity of the clinical social work with concrete groups clients of social institutions in clinical environment – children and adults, with illnesses, with injuries, with special educational needs, dependent from psycho-active substances, refugees, in hospices etc.
  • knowledge about methodological and value bases of the clinical social work – as professional and non-professional engagement (pro-social helping behaviour);
  • knowledge about the process of applying of social-psychological interventions in the social cares for adult and children with personal-behavioural disturbances, physical injuries, clinical illness, continued psycho-somatic derangements, states of stress and distress, old people disturbances etc.;
  • skills to find out and trace behaviour symptoms related to anomalies in social, emotional, intellectual personal behaviour;
  • theoretical knowledge and practical skills for realization of resocialization and rehabilitation of people with injuries and illness;
  • consulting in the social-clinical activities;
  • educational interventions in the clinical social work;
  • overcoming of misadaptive behaviour in drug habits;
  • Social-medical approaches in prophylaxis – health rehabilitation.




Professional realization


  • social workers in dispensary for psychic disorders;
  • social workers in specialized clinics;
  • social workers in daily hospitals;
  • social workers in clinics and daily hospitals for people with dependence from psycho-active substances;
  • managers and social workers in clinics and centres for people with injuries;
  • managers and social workers in Homes for children;
  • managers and social workers in Homes for old people;
  • managers and social workers in hospices.
  • animation etc.