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Jean-Pierre Gern – Decreasing welfare and increasing poverty in richer countries. How to face the challenge?

Spiridon Paraskewopoulos – Is there European economic identity?

Kiaus Lange - Demands for harmonized statistics about the living conditions of households and the German experience

Peter-Jan Engelen - The Enforcement of Insider Trading Regulations in the EU – The Case of Belgium

George Chobanov- The Rules of Society and the Measurement of their Efficiency

Zhelyu Vladimirov - Institutional Framework for SME Development in Bulgaria

Anastassia Bankova – Different approaches to organizational effectiveness – consequences for the managerial competence in Bulgaria during the EU enlargement process

Savka Kostadinova, Tzvetan Ignatov - Linear transformations of exponential distributed random variables and multidimensional exponential splines

Teodor Atanassov – Small and medium enterprises in changing economic development

Eleonora Stancheva – Information use in asset management process in Water and Wastewater companies

Eleonora Stancheva – Accoumting data used by water companiesin the process of asset management

Genka Rafailova - The Role and Contribution of European Partners for Sustainable Development of Tourist Destinations in Bulgaria

Sonia Mileva.- SME opportunities for successful development in specialized tourism

Pavel Stoynov – The enlargement of the European union – processes, rules and prognoses

Bancho Banov - How did Germany settle its foreign debt

Michael Berlemann, Kalina Dimitrova, Nikolay Nenovsky - Assessing Market Expectations on Exchange Rates and Inflation: A Pilot Forecasting System for Bulgaria

Vera Gaydarska – Forms of investment. Leasing as an alternative form for assets’ acquiring

Boyan Lomev, Ivan Ivanov – Analysis and a,,lications of Lotka – Volterra model

Tzvetan Davidkov, Detelina Ilieva, Eleonora Nikolova – The power distance at Sofia University “St. Kliment Ohridski”

Daniela Assenova – Public management – condition for effectiveness in the managementof the public sector

Aiub Al-Museini. Evaluation of the leadership effectiveness in the top management in the consumers’ cooperative societies in Kuwait

Еlena Vassileva. Possibilities for Establishing Rules in the Area of Cultural Tourism in Bulgaria in the Process of EU integration

Evelina Veleva – Some marginal densities of the sample correlation coefficients of independent normal distributed random variables