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On May 12, at the Faculty of Economics and Business Administration, the participants in the third joint course of the Economics Faculty and the TOTAL Professeurs Associes (TPA), with the support of the energy company Total Exploration & Production Bulgaria, were officially presented with their certificates. The first course was on "Oil & Gas Exploration and Production Contracts" with Professor Jehan-Eric Blumereau (Vice President of the TPA Program) as lecturer, and the second - "Investment Decision Process / Petroleum and Energy Economics" had lecturer Prof. Christian Gueritte.





In this course on "Oil & Natural Gas Economics" lecturer was Mohammed Zaki, former manager of Total.


The certificates were handed out by lecturer Mohammed Zaki, TOTAL E&P Bulgaria’s General Manager Kevin Hannaford and the Vice-Dean of the Faculty of Economics and Business Administration, Assoc. Prof. Atanas Georgiev.


Twelve students took part in this course, with participation free of charge for all of them. Another course of the joint project is to be completed in the autumn of 2019. The coordinator of the training of the Faculty of Economics and Business Administration is Assoc. Prof. Dr. Atanas Georgiev, who is also director of the Master's program "Economics and Management in Energy, Infrastructure and Communal Services" as well as Assist. Prof. Maria Trifonova, academic secretary of the Department of Economics and Management in Branches.