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With much hard work, drive and desire a group of young and ambitious students decided to take the road of creativity. The Faculty of Economics and Business Administration is going to be the home of “The Garage”: the first shared creative space at a university in Bulgaria.


Author: Business Club


The space is inspired by the Stanford "University Innovation Fellows" program which this Bulgarian students had the opportunity to attend for the first time this year. The creative hub which opened doors on 30.05. at 18:30, aims to bring students together around the idea of improving the environment in which they study and work, of promoting an entrepreneurial spirit and of developing skills for facing and successfully dealing with the challenges of life.




We have all heard the big names in business. Jeff Bezos and his Amazon, Bill Gates and Microsoft, Steve Jobs and Apple, Walt Disney and his company of the same name. But what is the common thing among these giants of thought, entrepreneurial spirit and initiative. They all started work on their business idea in... garages.




This garage is a space that has acquired a particular symbolism in the world of ideas. It is the space where the flight of the imagination reaches far beyond exceeds spatial and material constraints. The Garage is a place sheltered and hidden from the world, much like the lab of a mad but brilliant scientist, ready to reveal to the world a discovery, which will completely change our vision of the universe.




The grand opening on Facebook.