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In May 2024, fourth-year students from the bachelor's programs "Business Administration" and "Economics and Finance”, participating in the "Advertising" course, visited leading advertising agencies to familiarize themselves with the process of creating and implementing advertising campaigns. The host for the students was the consortium of companies Viva Vision, ReBrand, VooDoo Print, Print.bg, FlagFlag, which provided a unique opportunity for practical training.

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During the visit, the students had the chance to follow the entire management process—from the inception of an idea to its full realization. This helped the students understand in practice how advertising functions as a powerful marketing tool. They were introduced to various technological lines for producing advertising materials. These included direct printing machines on panels, roll media printing, routers, plotters, offset and digital printing machines, and a digital Liquid foil printing machine. The students observed the production processes of billboards and flags, materials for commercial premises, and business cards, which allowed them to acquire valuable technical knowledge.

It was particularly beneficial for the students to meet with experts from the agencies. They answered questions and shared their experience and views on the industry. Among them were Gergana Marinova, manager and partner at Viva Vision, Mladen Marinov, manager and partner at ReBrand and VooDoo Print, Vilian Milchev, manager at Print.bg, Ilian Telkedzhiev, manager at "Digital" Ltd., Vili Mincheva, account manager at Viva Vision, as well as other key specialists.

As part of an academic task set by Dr. Potebnya, the students will need to prepare profiles of the various positions in advertising services. This project will help them deepen their knowledge and prepare for their future professional careers.

The contact between the students from the Faculty of Economics and Business Administration at Sofia University "St. Kliment Ohridski" and the consortium of companies has proven to be a successful method for improving the educational process and the student's qualifications. This type of cooperation encourages innovation and scientific research, stimulates entrepreneurship development, and facilitates the transfer of knowledge and technology.

The interaction between universities and businesses creates mutual benefits and stimulates both academic and economic development while helping to address significant social and technological challenges. Therefore, the Faculty of Economics and Business Administration, through its "Business Club" actively develops collaboration with businesses.