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The industry sector accounts for 25% of the final energy consumption in the European Union (EU), 75% of which is generated from fossil sources. It is of paramount importance to make more sustainable the EU industry and enhance its competitiveness, integrate the amount of energy resources, incorporate more electricity and enhance heat recovery.

Advancing Sustainable Energy in Industry event addresses these topics and many others through interactive panels bringing together the European projects:

The event is organised by SET_IndEU Secretariat as a satellite event to the hashtag#INDTech2024 and it is part of the hashtag#EUSEW2024 Sustainable Energy Day.

Chief Assist. Prof. Dr. Mariya Trifonova presented the Net-Zero Lab during the event, as well as the Faculty of Economics and Business Administration, which is committed to implementing the European Strategic Energy Technology Plan as part of its membership in the European Energy Research Alliance.


SET-IndEU aims to enhance energy efficiency and promote sustainable energy sourcing in the EU's process industry. The project supports the SET Plan IWG6 on Sustainable and Efficient Energy Use in Industry, monitoring the implementation of Action 6 to achieve technology targets across SET Plan countries. This initiative seeks to reduce energy, resource, and emission intensity while increasing competitiveness.

The European Energy Research Alliance (EERA) is a membership-based, non-profit association, constituting the largest low-carbon energy research community in Europe and a key player in the European Union's Strategic Energy Technology (SET) Plan. It was established in 2008 by leading research institutes to expand and optimize EU energy research capabilities. Today it brings together more than 250 organizations from 30 countries.