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Prof. Nansen Behar, Dr.Sc.

The authoritative Bulgarian scientist Prof. D.Sc. Nansen Behar was a longtime lecturer at the Faculty of Economics and Business Administration at Sofia University. Nansen Behar was born on April 17, 1940 in Stara Zagora. He was a professor of international economic relations for many years and held a doctorate in economics. Prof. Behar also was head of the Department of Economics. He was the author of scientific monographs, articles and studies on economic issues, published in nine languages.

Prof. Nansen Behar was also the director of the Institute for Social Analysis at the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences and a lecturer at the University of National and World Economy. He participated as a leader and member of international projects – on natural resources to the UN, on economic security in the Balkans to the Ford Foundation, on ethnic conflicts and the economy to NATO and others.

In 1992, Prof. Behar founded the first private research institute. This is the Institute for Social and Political Analysis. He was elected a Member of Parliament in the 38th National Assembly, where he was Deputy Chairman of the National Security Committee and a member of the Parliamentary Delegation to the European Parliament.

Prof. Behar was a member of the Piogus Movement of Scientists, founded by Einstein and Russell, as well as international political science associations and international editorial boards. The professor was Deputy Chairman of the Presidium of the High Attestation Commission, Member of the Economic and Social Council of the Republic of Bulgaria and the European Economic and Social Committee. He was also a permanent member of the movement of scientists on security and global issues of the European Union.

Prof. Behar was a holder of the Order of Cyril and Methodius – first degree, the Golden Badge of the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, as well as a number of international awards and distinctions.