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NEW! Master's Programme Business Economics


Form of study: full-time

Study period: 2 semesters, winter semester admission for economists and non-economists

Director: Chief Asst. Prof. Stoyan Shalamanov PhD

e-mail: shalamanov@feb.uni-sofia.bg



Purpose of the programme:

The Master's programme is a joint educational product of the Department of Economics and the Department of Business Administation of the Faculty of Economics and Business Administration of Sofia University.

It combines the best traditions and experience of eminent experts from the fields of economics, finance, administration and management. Its aim is to create highly qualified specialists who have a thorough theoretical and solid practical abilities to carry out applied economic analysis and decision-making management in business organisations. During the studies students acquire knowledge and skills in the field of entrepreneurial activity and family business development, foreign trade operations of international companies, market research and marketing management, specificity of business taxation and circular economy issues and sustainable development. Students develop the skills and abilities to forecast and manage business processes under the conditions of risk and uncertainty.

The interdisciplinary nature of the Master's programme, the skillful combination of economic and management disciplines contributes to the high expertise of the graduates and to their career fulfillment in practice.

Graduates of the programme receive a Master of Business Economics qualification. After successful graduation, in addition to a Master's degree in PF Economics, graduating non-economist students can continue their studies in one of the more specialized Master's programmes, offered by the Faculty of Economics and Business Administration and obtain a second Master's degree.


Tuition fees in Sofia University for the academic 2023 / 2024 year


Admission requirements: see general requirements.

Graduates of the Master's programme can be employed as:

Specialists in business process and activity analysis, planning and forecasting, investment and innovation management and human resource management in business organisations, experts at business strategy and project development and

the provision of finance sources; managers at different managerial levels in companies and entrepreneurs running their own businesses; inspectors in the credit departments of commercial banks and other financial intermediaries; professors of business economics in universities, colleges and institutions for vocational education and qualification; experts and managers in research institutions and consultancy organisations; analysts and administrators in employer and branch organizations, specialists and managers in public bodies - ministries, specialized agencies and commissions, in regional and municipal administrations; consultants and leaders in NGOs and international institutions, engaged in business development.

The duration of the training is 1 year (2 semesters) and is carried out in full-time form in the evenings on weekdays and/or weekends during winter and summer semesters.

The training includes:

  • Compulsory subjects - compulsory subjects building up the professional specialization of a Master in Business Economics - economic, financial, legal and managerial knowledge necessary for successful performance of various managerial, organizational and operational functions in diverse organizations.
  • Elective subjects - free elective training in the field of international financial institutions and development banks, institutional economics, European policies and programmes, corporate economics, change management in organizations, management competency development and competitive strategic thinking in business.
  • Optional subjects of students' choice in the field of statistical analysis of economic data and economic policy. Elective courses do not count for curriculum fulfillment.
  • Practical training in business economics related to the economic analysis of the behaviour and managerial decisions of separate firms in Bulgaria, as well as their interpretation in the context of contemporary challenges for the business sector and the experience of leading global corporations. Students may choose to graduate by passing a state examination (in July and September) or developing a master's thesis (in November and March).