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Status: Required course

Period: Second year, First and second semesters

ECTS credits: 4

Class hours: 60 lectures

Language: English


Prerequisites: Admission exam in English, completed English for Economics course


Course content:

It is English for Specific Purposes course at an advanced level. The themes are organized around the activities of a given company operating on the international and domestic markets. By looking in detail into the different aspects of the firm, corresponding thematic fields and related terminology are covered.

The above is illustrated by making a comparison of the work of two companies: an American one and a British one with the Bulgarian reality. The texts are selected to suit the needs of the course by focusing on language use. Students are contributing by bringing in the specific knowledge they have acquired so far.


Course aim:

Students become familiar with main Business English terms related to company activities


Intended learning outcomes:

- Basic business related concepts in English and their Bulgarian equivalent

- Make Power Point presentations on a business related topic

- Analyze texts in writing and orally

- Translate selected texts in both languages

- Express and motivate a standpoint

- Academic skills for writing and speaking