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Head: Prof. Milena Bratoeva, PhD

79 Todor Alexandrov Blvd.
Room 19, Phone: (+359 2) 829 37 83 (107)

Hindu Studies
The Programme in Hindu Studies was launched in 1983 within the Center for the Study of Eastern languages and Cultures. For over twenty years it has occup ied a distinguished place among the other Oriental studies programmes at the Center. Almost all members of the academic staff are former students of Sofia University.
The admission to the B.A. programme is on a yearly basis. Twelve students are admitted each year.

Iranian Studies
The teaching of Persian started in 1959. It was offered as an elective course at Sofia University “St. Kliment Ohridski” within the Programme of Tu Tu rkic Studies. After the foundation of the Programmes of Arabic and Hindu Studies the study of Persian was included in their cu rricu la.
In 1992 for the first time Persian Studies was offered as a minor including the areas of Persian, theoretical grammar of Persian, History of Persia and Iran, classical and modern Persian literature. In 1993 within the Center for the Study of Eastern Languages and Cultures a separate Programme in Iranian Studies was founded.
At present the Programme of Iranian Studies is included in the Department of Classical East Studies, to which the programmes in Hindu Studies and Armenian Studies also belong. The Programmes offer B.A. courses.
The academic staff includes three full-time lecturers and 12 part-time lecturers.

Armenian Studies
The Programme in Armenian Studies was founded in 1995 within the Center for the Study of Eastern Languages and Cultures. The Programme offers B.A. courses. The academic staff includes two full-time lecturers and eight part-time lecturers. The Programme meets the demands for highly qualified specialists in the filed of Armenian studies.