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Department of Western Languages

Head Assoc. Prof. Gergana Furkova, PhD
Room 166 , Phone: (+359 2) 9308 346


English Section
Room 217, block 3, Phone: (+359 2) 800 51 11 (395)

Asst. Prof. Kristin Trendafilova Translation, Applied Linguistics; Practical English
Asst. Prof. Ilina Amer Applied Linguistics; Translation; English for students of International Relations and Euro-Integration; Legal English, Business English
Senior Assistant-professor Mariana Gotseva, PhD Applied Linguistics, Second Language Acquisition, Psycholinguistics, Methods of Teaching English, English for Academic Purposes, English for Specific Purposes
Asst. Prof. Zornitsa Lachezarova English for International Relations, English for Tourism
Asst.Prof. Biliana Tosheva Applied Linguistics; English for students of Tourism, PR and Journalism; Business English; Practical English; certification of competency in English

German Section
Room 210, block 3, Phone: (+359 2) 971 10 02 (397)

Assoc. Prof. Galina Pavlova, PhD Applied Linguistics; Business Communications; text Linguistics; Business German; practical German
Asst. Prof. Gergana Furkova Translation; Applied Linguistics; Business German; Practical German

Romance Section
Room 210, block 3, Phone: (+359 2) 800 51 11 (397)

Asst. Prof. Anna Markova, PhD Applied Linguistics; Lexicology; Lexicography; Practical French; French for Students of International Relations; Legal French
Asst. Prof. Daniela Vitanova Applied Linguistics; Terminology (Legal, Political and Economics); Spanish for students of International Relations; Legal Spanish; Practical Spanish
Asst. Prof. Venche Andreeva Applied Linguistics; Practical Spanish
Asst. Prof. Aksiniya Obreshkova, PhD Applied Linguistics; Practical Spanish; Spanish for students of Tourism and Business