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Department of Turkic and Altaic Studies


Prof. Tatyana Evtimova, Dr. Introduction to Indian Studies; Urdu; Dialectology; Translation; Pakistan History and Culture; Problems of Contemporary Pakistan Literature
Prof. Irina Saraivanova, PhD Ottoman Turkish; Old Turkish Literature; Practical Turkish
Asst. Prof. Zhana Zhelyazkova Comparative Grammar of Turkic Languages; History and Historical Grammar of Turkish; Turkish Dialectology; Introduction to the Theory and Practice of Translation; Turkish Phraseology
Asst. Prof. Daniela Trifonova Early Modern and Modern Turkish Literature; Practical Turkish
Asst. Prof. Manuela Daskalova Modern Turkish – Phonetics and Phonology; Lexicology; Practical Turkish
Asst. Prof. Milena Yordanova, PhD Introduction to Altaic and Turkic Linguistics; Practical Turkish
Asst. Prof. Diana Kaya Practical Turkish
Asst. Prof. Konstantin Pobornikov Practical Turkish