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Departments of German and Scandinavian Studies


Prof. Maya Razboinikova-Frateva, Dr. History of German Literature, Part III and Part IV
Assoc. Prof. Reneta Kileva-Stamenova, PhD
Head of department
Theory and Practice of Translation
Assoc. Prof. Svetlana Arnaudova, PhD German Literature
Asst. Prof. Radka Ivanova, PhD Practical German, Modern German Morphology
Asst. Prof. Antonia Gospodinova, PhD,
Head of the Scandinavian Studies Section
Norwegian; Norwegian Cultural Studies
Asst. Prof. Nadezhda Mihailova, PhD History of Scandinavian Literature; Danish Cultural Studies
Asst. Prof. Hristo Stanchev, PhD Practical German
Assoc.Prof. Maria Endreva-Cherganova, DSc Cultural History of the German speaking countries
Asst. Prof. Evgenia Tetimova, PhD Norwegian, Swedish Culture Studies, Stylistics
Asst. Prof. Vladimir Naydenov, PhD History of the Nordic Languages, Swedish and Norwegian Phonology, Swedish Morphology, Swedish and Norwegian Syntax, Practical Swedish
Asst. Prof. Ivan Y. Tenev, PhD Practical Norwegian language, Norwegian Morphology, Norwegian Lexicology and Word-formation, Methodology of scientific research
Asst. Prof. Elena Stoyneva, PhD Practical Swedish
Asst. Prof. Konstantin Radoev Practical Swedish
Asst. Prof. Lilia Burova History of the German Language, Modern German (Syntax)
Asst. Prof. Mikaela Petkova-Kesanlis, PhD Modern German Stylistics; Lexicology; Phraseology, Practical German
Asst. Prof. Denitsa Dimitrova Phonology; Practical German
Asst. Prof. Elena Stoitseva Practical Danish, Translation Danish-Bulgarian
Asst. Prof. Plamen Tsvetkov, PhD Word Formation; Practical German; Text Linguistics
Asst. Prof. Ivan Popov, PhD German Literature
Asst. Prof. Eva Patsovska- Ivanova, PhD Practical German
Asst. Prof. Simeon Kaynakchiev Practical German