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Tony Spassov, Dr. Sci.

Professor in Solid State Chemistry

Faculty of Chemistry and Pharmacy, Sofia University

1. Education:  
1979 - 1984 - Sofia

University education in Chemistry, Faculty of Chemistry,

Sofia University

Speciality: Industrial (research) profile

Specialisation: Inorganic and Analytical Chemistry

Duration and subjects corresponding to M.Sc. degree in Chemistry


Ph.D. degree in Physical Chemistry,

Faculty of Chemistry, Sofia University

Topic of Ph.D. Thesis: Crystallization of Fe-B and Ni-B Glasses


Dr.Sci. degree in Solid State Chemistry

Topic of Thesis: Synthesis, microstructure and properties of nanocrystalline alloys

2. Employment:  
1984 - 1995 - Sofia

Assistant Professor (in Inorganic Chemistry)

Faculty of Chemistry, Sofia University

Department of Inorganic Chemical Technology

1995 – 2005 - Sofia

Associate Professor (in Solid State Chemistry)

Faculty of Chemistry, Sofia University

2005- Professor in Solid State Chemistry
1999 - 2008; 2012-

Head of department Department of Applied Inorganic

Chemistry, Faculty of Chemistry, Sofia University

1999 - 2002 Vice-Dean of Faculty of Chemistry
2008- Dean of Faculty of Chemistry
Present Status:


Dean of Faculty of Chemistry and Pharmacy, Sofia University

Corresponding member of BAS

3. Publications:

Papers: 149

Reports at International conferences: 80 (15 invited or keynote)

Number of papers by other authors (excluding co-authors) referred to the above publications: above 1600

4. Other data

a) research activity

fields of interest:

Nanocrystalline (nanostructured) and amorphous materials.

Rapidly quenched metastable and nanocrystalline materials. Mechanically alloyed nanostructured materials. Microstructure-property relationship. Phase transformations in metallic alloys, incl. nanocrystalline alloys. Kinetics of nucleation and crystal growth. Grain growth in nanocrystalline materials. Thermodynamics of alloys. Thermal and magnetic properties of amorphous and nanocrystalline materials.

Hydrogen storage materials. Hydrogen in nanostructured metals and composites.

Hydrogen diffusivity. Hydrogen sorption kinetics. Hydrogen absorption capacity. Electrochemical properties of nanostructured ball milled alloys and composites. Optimization of the microstructure in relation to the hydrogen storage properties. Synthesis and properties characterization of Metal-organic frameworks (MOFs) for hydrogen storage.

High temperature oxidation and corrosion of metalic alloys

High temperature oxidation of amorphous, nanocrytalline and polycrystalline materials.

Chemical and electrochemical corrosion of Mg-based alloys.


Research experience:

Structural Analysis Techniques: Optical Microscopy, Electron Microscopy (TEM, SEM), Electron and X-ray Diffraction

Thermal Analysis Techniques: Differential Thermal Analysis, Differential Scanning Calorimetry, Rapid Heating Techniques, Thermogravimetry. Electrical Properties Measurements. Magnetic properties measurements.

Electrochemical and gas-phase techniques for hydriding/dehydriding of metallic alloys.

Rapid Quenching Techniques: Splat-quenching, Melt-spinning. Mechanical Alloying.

b) referee's responsibilities

1992 - Expert-referee of the Ministry of Education, Science and Technologies in Bulgaria

2013 - The Scientific World Journal- Nanotechnology – member of the Editorial Board

c) membership of Professional Societies

1996 - Member of the Union of the Scientist in Bulgaria

d) lectures at the University of Sofia

1) Applied Inorganic Chemistry

2) Solid State Physical Chemistry

3) Materials Science.

4) Nanostructured materials.


7. Previous periods of work, study and research abroad

05.1990 - 04.1991 University of Dortmund, Germany - Research on a DFG project

05-06.1995 Laughborough university, England - TEMPUS-program

10.1997 - 02.1999 TU Dortmund, Germany - Alexander von Humboldt Fellowship

09.2001 – 09.2002 University of Barcelona, UAB, Spain - invited-professor

01-06.2004, 01.2010 Alexander von Humboldt Fellowship, Germany

01.2005 – 02.2005 Central Michigan University, USA - invited-professor

01.2010 – 02.2010 Bochum University, Germany, guest-professor

02.2015 The university of Melbourne, Dyason Award


8. Awards:

- National award “Pitagor” as most successful manager of international projects – 2013

- Award of the Ministry of Education and Science in Bulgaria – 2014

- Medal of honour “St. Kl. Ohridski” with blue band - 2011


9. International projects

Coordinator/ManagerProf. Tony Spassov


H2020-EU.4.b. (Project ID: 692146) - Twinning of research institutions (2016-2019)

Enhancing the scientific capacity of the Faculty of Chemistry and Pharmacy at Sofia University as leading regional research and innovation centre in the area of advanced functional materials (budget – 1 million euro)


FP7-REGPOT-2011-1/ SP4-Capacities - Coordination and support action:

„Development of the research potential of the Faculty of Chemistry, Sofia University, in the area of advanced functional materials for successful participation in world-class research at EU level” – BeyondEverest (budget – 4 million euro)


FP7-REGPOT-2008-2 / Capacities Research Potential:

„Evaluation of the research quality and capability of the Faculty of Chemistry, University of Sofia, and defining of an action plan” - EVEREST (budget – 1 million euro)

FP5 RTN Network: “Improved hydrogen sorption kinetics in new magnesium composites for clean energy storage and transport” ; http://rtn-mgh2.inpg.fr/

COST Action MP1103: Nanostructured materials for solid-state hydrogen storage – member of the Management Committee ; http://www.cost-mp1103.eu


Projects with Unilever – Netherland

Subject: Foam boosters based on cyclodextrin gas clathrates

University supervisor – Prof. Tony Spassov


Coordinator of contract with IMEC International – Belgium

(Collaboration Framework Agreement)

Subject: New metal-organic microporous materials (MOFs) for gas separation and storage

University supervisor – Prof. Tony Spassov


Present address:

University of Sofia "St. Kliment Ohridski"

Department of Chemistry and Pharmacy

1 James Bourchier str.

1164 SOFIA


TEL: (00359)-2- 81 61 236