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Head of the Laboratory

Associate Professor Galina Gencheva

Phone: +3592-8161208/347/394;

E-mail: ggencheva@chem.uni-sofia.bg



Laboratory Members (Including students and Ph.D students)

Chief Assistant Daniela Tsekova, Ultraviolet and Visible Absorption Spectroscopy, Electron Spin Resonance, Nuclear Magnetic Resonance, Magnetic Measurements;


Specialist-Chemist Sonia Zareva, PhD, Infrared Spectroscopy, Ultraviolet and Visible Absorption Spectroscopy, X-ray Diffraction Analysis;


Specialist-Chemist Paulina Gorolomova, PhD, Theoretical Methods and Quantum Chemical Calculations, Nuclear Magnetic Resonance;


Master Gergana Georgieva, Structural Analysis, Ruthenium Chemistry, Mass spectrometry, Infrared Spectroscopy, Ultraviolet and Visible Absorption Spectroscopy;


Master Zhana Georgieva, Infrared Spectroscopy, Transition Metal Complexes, Single Crystal X-Ray Analysis


Master Silviya Chakarova,Ultraviolet and Visible Absorption Spectroscopy, Electroanalytical Methods


Assistant Vyara Velcheva, Single Crystal X-Ray Analysis, Biological Tests;


PhD student Mirela Vrajilova, Simulation of Equilibrium Processes, Ultraviolet and Visible Absorption Spectroscopy


PhD student Borislava Georgieva, Electroanalytical Methods, Ultraviolet and Visible Absorption Spectroscopy


Master Marta Markowa



Research Topics

  • Instrumental methods of analysis (Ultraviolet and Visible Absorption Spectroscopy, Infrared and Raman Spectroscopies, Electro Paramagnetic Resonance, Nuclear, Nuclear Magnetic Resonance, Magnetic Measurements, Single Crystal X-Ray Diffraction, Electroanalytical Methods and Magnetic Measurements., etc.) and their application in quantitative analysis and for molecular structure determination.
  • Synthesis, structure, physicochemical properties and application of coordination compounds designed as new materials and antiproliferative drugs.


  • FT-IR Spectrometer THERMO SCIENTIFIC, Nicolet 6700.
  • Thermo Evolution 300 UV/VIS Spectrophotometer, UV/VIS-spectrometer Varian, Cary 100 Scan
  • Potentiostatic 3-electrode system 797 VA Computrace for voltametry
  • Bruker SMART X2S Benchtop System (SC-SRD) diffractometer.

Project Activity

  • “Rational Design of New Metal-Based Antitumor Agents”, National Science Fund, Ministry of Education and Science, DN09/16/2016.
  • “Studies on the Advantages of Non-Classic Antitumour Agents based on Platinum Complexes - New PtIV Complexes with N, O- Containing Ligands”, Sofia University Science Fund, 166/2016, ended.
  • “ Ruthenium versus platinum: Rational design and synthesis of potential antitumour agents. An experimental and theoretical study of the structure-activity relationships ”, National Science Fund, Ministry of Education and Science, DDWU/02/66 2010–2014.
  • “Effects of the ligand’ structure on the construction and properties of new coordination compounds designed as non-classical antitumor agents”, Sofia University Science Fund, 065/2014, ended.

Research Cooperation

  • Prof. Dr. Dr.h.c. Bernt Krebs, Institut fuer Anorganische und Analytische Chemie, Westfaelische Wilhelms-Universitaet Muenster, Muenster, Germany
  • Prof. Dr. Kaspar Hegetschweiler, Univerisitaet des Saarlandes, Saarbruecken, Germany
  • Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry, North Dakota State University, United States – Angel Ugrinov, PhD

Selected Publications

  1. G. Momekov, I. Ugrinova, E. Pasheva, D. Tsekova, G.Gencheva: Cellular Pharmacology of Palladinum(III) Hematoporphyrin IX Complexes: Solution Stability, Antineoplastic and Apoptogenic Activity, DNABinding, and Processing of DNA-Adducts, Int. J. Mol. Sci. 19, (2018) 2451-2453; doi:10.3390/ijms19082451.
  2. Zh. V. Georgieva1, A. G. Ugrinov2, R. P. Nikolova3, B. L. Shivachev3, S. Y. Zareva1, S. G. Varbanov4, T. D. Tosheva4, G. G. Gencheva: Coordination of bis((dimethylphosphinyl)- methyl)amine to copper(II). Synthesis and single-crystal structure of its mononuclear octahedral copper(II) complex, Bulg. Chem. Commun. 50J (2018) 251-259.
  3. S.Y.Zareva*, G. G. Gencheva, Crystal structure and spectral study of 3-methylpyridazinium hydrogensquarate, Bulg. Chem. Commun. 50J (2018) 123–129.
  4. N. Doneva, N . Boseva, G. Gencheva, D. Tsekova, G. Momekov: Oncopharmacological evaluation of cytotoxic platinum, palladium and gold metal complexes with porphyrin ligands, 115 (2014) 313-313.
  5. D. Tsekova, P. Gorolomova, G. Gochev, V. Skuryev, G. Momekov, D. Momekova, G. Gencheva: Synthesis, structure and in vitro cytotoxic studies on novel paramagnetic palladium(III) complexes with hematoporphyrin IX, Journal of Inorganic Biochemistry, 124 (2013) 54-62. doi: 10.1016/j.jinorgbio.2013.03.012
  6. P. Gorolomova, R. Petrova, B. Shivachev, V. Ilieva, D. Tsekova, T. Tosheva, E. Tashev, S. Varbanov, G. Gencheva: Theoretical and experimental studies on the coordination ability of 1,4-bis(dimethylphosphinylmethyleneoxy) benzene, Bulgarian Chemical Communications 43 (2011) 244-253.
  7. G. Gencheva, D. Tsekova, G. Gochev, G. Momekov, G. Tyuliev, V. Skumryev, M. Karaivanova, P. R. Bontchev: Synthesis, structural characterization and cytotoxic activity of novel paramagnetic platinum hematoporphyrin IX complexes – potent antitumour agents, Metal-Based Drugs, Vol. 2007 (2007), Article ID 67 376, 13 pages. doi:10.1155/2007/67376.
  8. G. Momekov, D. Ferdinandov, S. Konstantinov, S. Arpadjan, D. Tsekova, G. Gencheva, P. R. Bontchev, M. Karaivanova: In vitro evaluation of a stable monomeric gold(II) complex with hematoporphyrin IX: Cytotoxicity against tumor kidney cells, cellular accumulation and induction of apoptosis, Bioinorganic Chemistry and Applications, Volume 2008 (2008), Article ID 367471, 8 pages. doi: 10.1155/2008/367471.
  9. G. Momekov, M. Karaivanova, I. Ugrinova, E. Pasheva, G. Gencheva, D. Tsekova, S. Arpadjan, P. R. Bontchev: In vitro pharmacological study of monomeric platinum(III)hematoporphyrin IX complexes, Invest. New Drugs, (2010), 10 pages. doi:10.1007/s10637-010-9412-8.
  10. M. Lalia-Kantouri, N. I. Dodoff, G. Gencheva, I. Karadjova, “Cyclic Method for Preparation of Potasium Tetrachloroplatinate (K2PtCl4)”: Hellenic Patent No 1007317 (2011); Reg. No 20100100327 (2010); Int. Cl: C01G 55/00 (2011)(in Hellenic). http://www.obi.gr/obi/Portals/0/ImagesAndFiles/Files/EDBI/2011/A/EDBI_A_2011_06.pdf


Teaching Activity

Lecture Discipline Specialty
Assoc. Prof. G. Gencheva Instrumental Methods II Bachelor’s program: Chemistry, Chemistry and Ecology, Nuclear Chemistry, Engineering and Modern materials, Chemistry and Informatics
Assoc. Prof. G. Gencheva Vibrational Spectroscopy – Methods and Application Elective course for Bachelors, All specialties
Assoc. Prof. G. Gencheva Modern Methods in Molecular Spectroscopy Master Program “Modern Spectral and Chromatographic Methods of Analysis”
Assoc. Prof. G. Gencheva Infrared and Raman Spectroscopy MS
Assoc. Prof. G. Gencheva Electron spectroscopy (UV/VIS, fluorescence) MS
Assoc. Prof. G. Gencheva Electroanalytical Methods Masters and Bachelor programs
Assoc. Prof. G. Gencheva Coordination Compounds in Analytical Chemistry Bachelor’s program Chemistry

Chief Assistant

Daniela Tsekova

Assoc. Prof. G. Gencheva

Analytical Chemistry I & II Bachelor’s programs: chemistry and ecology, computational chemistry, biology, microbiology


Former Ph.D and Research Students

Graduate Student

Borislava Georgieva, Master's degree

Mirela Vrajilova, Master's degree and Bachelor's degree

Vyara Velcheva, Master's degree and Bachelor's degree

Marta Markova, Master's degree and Bachelor's degree

Suzana Tayandjieva, Bachelor's degree

PhD defended

Daniela Tsekova

Paulina Gorolomova

Sonia Zareva

PhD Students

Mirela Vrajilova

Borislava Georgieva