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Name of Excellence: Approbation of the Discipline “Philosophy in Byzantium/Byzantine Philosophy” in the European University Curriculum

Author: Prof. Georgi Kapriev D.Sc., Department “History of Philosophy”

Research domain: History of Philosophy, Philosophy in Byzantium/Byzantine Philosophy

Георги Каприев

Prof. Georgi Kapriev D.Sc. is a lecturer at the Faculty of Philosophy, Department “History of Philosophy”.

Member of the International Society for Study of the Mediaeval Philosophy (S.I.E.P.M), of the Society for Study of the Philosophy of the Middle Ages in Germany and a co-founder of the European Graduate School for Ancient and Mediaeval Philosophy (EGSAMP).

Editor of www.philosophia.bg. Co-editor of Archive for Mediaeval Philosophy and Culture, Bibliotheca Christiana etc. Author of 19 books.



Prof. Georgi Kapriev D.Sc.

The volume Byzantnische Philosophie in Ueberweg’s Grundriss der Geschichte der Philosophie (publishing house Schwabe, Basel) marks the approbation of the discipline “Philosophy in Byzantium/Byzantine Philosophy” in the university curriculum. The volume is complete and is to be published by G. Kapriev. The invited co-authors are T. Boiadjiev, K. Ierodiakonou, and J. Demetrakopoulos.

The former edition of the most authoritative continental reference series on the history of philosophy dedicated 7 pages to Byzantium. The current edition mirrors the radical change in the academic status of the discipline.

If the earliest study in this discipline dates back to 1949 (B. Tatakis) and L. Benakis (founder of the Commission “Byzantine philosophy” of S.I.E.P.M., president from 1987 until 2002) created the prerequisites for its academic launch, it could be stated that its approbation is not to a lesser extent an achievement of Prof. Kapriev, who had the opportunity to stimulate this as a president of the Commission (2002–2012). To this end also contributed the book of Prof. Kapriev, Philosophie in Byzanz (Würzburg, 2005), often considered as a textbook. Infl uential were also his guest professorships in Cologne (the last of them in 2013), as well as his guest lectureships in Amsterdam and Bari (2008), Karlsruhe and Lecce (2009), Münster (2011) and Lausanne (2012, round table: Kapriev’s contribution to the study of Byzantine Philosophy), specialized panels and the EGSAMP schools.

As a result, the fi rst complete course of lectures in the discipline was the one of Prof. Kapriev (1999, SU). After that many European and American universities introduced such courses. The new generation of lecturers (Demetrakopoulos, Erismann, Trizio, Georgiewich, Markov, Lauritzen, Walter etc.) works in coordination with the Commission of S.I.E.P.M., as well as with EGSAMP and personally with Prof. Kapriev.

Within the period 2008–2013 his main academic project was irreversibly realized.